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Recresco Ltd

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Welcome to Recresco

Recresco is at the forefront of modern Materials Recycling. We use the latest technology, from the ultimate MSS Color sort ™ equipment from the USA to highly efficient PLC controlled sorting systems. Our huge investment in some of the most exciting, cutting edge technology shows our commitment to making recycling a viable, important alternative to throwing things away or using raw materials.

At Recresco we know that you make a lot of effort to Recycle and we think that you deserve as much information as possible about what happens to your recyclate once you've put it in the recycling bank. So if you want to know something that's not on this web site, let us know and we'll do our best to get you the answer.

Recresco Ltd | Home

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Recresco Ltd | Home

What we Do

Recresco offer a range of different recycling services. The following outline our core services:

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